Linkedin On Steroids

Five Top Tips To Boost Your Linkedin Profile

You’re probably already registered on Linkedin, known as the ‘Facebook for business’.  But if you’re not, you may be severely restricting your ability to develop social proof of your credibility and losing out on current and future career opportunities.  Even if you are registered on Linkedin, if your personal profile isn’t optimised, you could be shooting yourself in the foot!

Use a professional quality photograph

If you have no photo at all on your Linkedin profile, viewers of your profile can’t really get a feel for who you are.  Ultimately, human beings make decisions about you in less than seven seconds, so it’s vital that you present a genuinely friendly face, and not a face that is from your night out on the town!

Collect Genuine Testimonials

Social Proof is the name of the game on Linkedin.  Potential employers, clients and collaborators all want to know what you are like to work with, whether you keep your promises and, the quality and standard of the work you deliver.  Asking for genuine recommendations is the best, and easiest way to demonstrate your finer qualities, attributes and skills to viewers of your profile.

Potential employers do tend to explore Linkedin prior to inviting job applicants to interview, so Linkedin could be a fantastic way to differentiate yourself from the crowd.  (We’ll show you how the best way to ask for recommendations in our Linkedin course).

Use Linkedin Groups Strategically

Being a member of an industry group is a proactive way to gain exposure in your target area.  But simply being a member isn’t enough.  The members who get noticed the most are the ones who contribute thought provoking, expert and objective articles and comments.

Linkedin only allows you to be a member of 50 groups at any one time so choose your groups carefully.  If you hold a strong view or expert viewpoint on a relevant matter, get writing and invite comments from group members.  Not everyone will agree with what you have to say, but that’s not the point.  The point is to become known as an incisive, reasonable and likeable contributor who adds genuine value to dialogue.

Keep Your Connections Private

Linkedin can become a free for all with members sending blanket email invitations to connect with no other reason than to build their connections list and….peek at your connections.  Choose the ‘Keep my connections private’ from the Settings tab and keep your connections a closely guarded secret.

As an example, I am connected to several eminent academics in the entrepreneurship and leadership arenas.  To protect the integrity of our relationship, and to stop them receiving unsolicited and meaningless invitations to connect from other people, I keep our connections private.  For you, keep them private if you wish to ensure that your boss isn’t keeping an eye on what you’re up to – job seeking for example.

Use Strategic SEO Friendly Keywords On Your Profile

Linkedin is like an online directory for resources.  Remember to use specific, relevant keywords so you can be easily and quickly found by anyone searching for your expertise.  For example, I present on Emotional Intelligence.  No surprise then that if you search for  ‘Emotional Intelligence Speaker’ or ‘Emotional Intelligence Presenter, my profile is on page one of search results.  What keywords should you include in your profile to boost your presence and credibility?

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