Manage Your Remote Team More Successfully

Boost Engagement, Quality And Maintain High Standards

Why is managing a remote team so difficult?

Because you don't have the luxury of regular face-to-face content!

Well, that's a major part of the challenge facing a growing number of managers.  Changing ways of working, geographically dispersed teams and an increasing reliance on technology to achieve goals and standards, all contribute to a difficult task for even the most eager of managers.

But there is a solution...

You can quickly address many of the day to day challenges and problems you face when managing your remote team, but only by consistently applying what you will learn during this audio programme.

How Valuable Would It Be For You To Learn How To:-

  • Develop and successfully implement new quality standards?
  • Avoid the stress and headaches caused by lack of communication and collaboration?
  • Influence and manage your own boss more proactively so you s/he doesn't expect the earth from you?
  • Avoid reprimands from your own boss due to outcomes not being delivered on time or to the required standard?
  • Develop clarity on key targets, goals and expectations - and deliver them?

Why don't many managers ever learn to manage remotely?

Unfortunately, only few of even the most eager, career-minded managers ever learn to manage remote teams successfully.

Why?  Many have told us that they just don't have time to attend a training course, others tell us that they thought at the outset managing a remote team wouldn't be so different to manage a team face-to-face (but they soon learned it is), whilst others don't see 'managing people they can't see' as a true management role.  OUCH!

The good thing about this audio programme?  

It's less than 60-minutes duration...but, it's packed with an abundance of practical, proven tools, tips, techniques you can put to use immediately and consistently in any workplace situation where you manage a remote team. 

The most effective managers of remote teams do a few things fantastically well, and that's what you will learn in this audio programme so you can too!

Download, learn and enjoy your training.  If for any reason you honestly believe that the information contained in the programme isn't worth the price of your investment, just let us know and we'll refund your investment.  Can we be any fairer than that?

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