How To Get Promoted – Lucy’s Case Study

From ‘OK’ to ‘Outstanding’ Results…With A Promotion, Pay Rise And Company Car

Meet Lucy…

Lucy is 31 years of age and a Customer Service and Sales Manager in the call centre division of a major UK Bank.

Eight managers hold the same title, status, salary band and benefits as Lucy. Promotions within the division are rare. When they do arise, despite a ‘fair’ interview process taking place, senior bosses have already earmarked the successful applicant; and it never seems to be Lucy.

With 8 years of service at the bank, 4 within her current management role, Lucy is itching for a promotion, new challenges, a new salary and a company BMW 320D!

Lucy’s Challenge…Is Also Your Challenge

Lucy’s challenge may be the same as you have already experienced; or will do in the future when applying for a promotion.  Her biggest challenge isn’t getting promoted, its…

‘How do I differentiate myself from my peers and get a head start on my peers for the next promotion?’

Stuck…With Nowhere To Go

Managing 6 Team Leaders and 90 front-line customer service and sales agents, Lucy’s team was considered ‘reliable and conscientious‘ by her Director and line manager, and she was.  Absenteeism was low, productivity was always slightly ahead of average, and quality was high.  Still, she wasn’t getting the nod where promotions were involved.  She was stuck on small annual salary increases, just like everybody else.  Due to the financial meltdown in the UK, bonuses had become a distant memory!

The Rut And Fear of Change

Lucy felt stuck in a rut.  She daren’t leave her employer in the middle of the biggest economic downturn in living history, couldn’t pluck up courage to ask her boss for a pay rise, and she definitely wouldn’t think of using command and control management to get her team performing better to boost the numbers her boss was so interested in.

What Changed?

Lucy chose to participate in our immersive 2 day Management Masterclass. Her current ways of thinking, communicating, collaborating and managing were questioned, her motivation and purpose explored in detail, and what she found out about herself wasn’t just eye-opening – it was liberating.

She didn’t actually WANT the promotionshe wanted what the promotion would give her.  More money in her pocket, a healthier bank balance, a bigger pension pot, and… more personal freedom.  More freedom to buy that new BMW if she wanted, more freedom to invest in a new home, more freedom to enjoy more holidays, and much more! Do you want more freedom?

Renewed Focus, Clarity And Motivation

With renewed focus, clarity, and a healthy dose of self motivation, Lucy set off in a new direction in her career.  Within just 4 weeks of participating in the Masterclass, Lucy’s team had boosted customer satisfaction ratings, sold more products and services, and become even more productive, motivated and committed.  And, she had heard on the grapevine that a new senior management role may be announced in just a few months time.

Lucy’s Result?

Lucy won the promotion she wanted, she secured a pay rise which was above the salary band on offer, she didn’t have to buy a car as her employer now provided her with a car (and free fuel).

She bought a new home having saved her deposit more quickly than she had planned.  Oh, and 9 months in to her new role, her Director approved her taking a 3 month ‘career break’ so that she could travel to and explore her dream holiday destination, India.

How About You?

You may not want to travel to India, and you may not even want a new car or home. But, just as Lucy found, becoming an even more effective, results focused and emotionally intelligent manager, significantly increased her opportunities. Similar opportunities will become available to you if you commit to learning how to become a top performing manager with a great reputation, personal credibility and an ability to exceed expectations.  All of this… allows you more freedom.

Lucy’s Testimonial from her Masterclass

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