Promote Action With Strategic Questions

Does this ever happen to you?

You try to get a colleague, boss, peer or team member to commit to doing something, but they repeatedly avoid dialogue with you or simply won’t commit. You send emails, leave phone messages and maybe even visit them at their desk to pursue your cause, but nothing seems to be working – and nothing is getting done.

If you sometimes feel agitated, disappointed or frustrated by other people’s unwillingness to commit to making a decision or a specific course of action, take a deep breath…and relax. The audio below will quickly get you moving in the right direction and really change the way your colleague responds to you.

Creative Influencing With Impact

Thousands of managers have learned this approach during our in-person Masterclass sessions and, when combined with several of our other influencing tools and techniques, they have noticed a considerable and positive shift in their ability to get colleagues to make a commitment.

Why not listen in and reflect on how you can honestly apply this approach in your organisation, wherever possible, with a win-win outcome in mind.

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Questions that promote action (double binds) is the title

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